Resource Mobilisation, Fundraising Resource Alliance
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Fundamentals of Resource Mobilisation

This opening module addresses the fundamental conditions and basic principles required for resource mobilisation. Resource mobilisation does not take place in a vacuum. The interactions between the state, civil society organisations and business have a profound impact on raising resources.  

Participants will learn how to optimise income by applying key principles of resource mobilisation. They will develop an ethical framework for their own organisation’s fundraising. Ways of ensuring transparency and developing trust and commitment will be shown.    

Participants will learn how to examine the impact of the external environment on their fundraising. Tools of analysis and knowledge of ranking will ensure that they can maximise beneficial environmental factors.  

Without a clear and convincing case for support, there can be no successful fundraising. The early development of such a case is fundamental to resource mobilisation. Participants will develop a case for support for their organisation that will both educate and motivate donors to give.

1. Fundamentals of Resource Mobilisation
2. Resource Mobilisation Research
3. Communication and Brand Building
4. Resource Mobilisation Methods
5. Strategy and Planning
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